Green Living: 5 Ways Renting An Outhouse Can Benefit The Environment

renting an outhouse

At least 3.6 billion people worldwide lack access to properly sanitized water. The global shortage leads to the spread of diseases.

The way you manage your own water can help combat this issue. This includes in your home and during outdoor events.

Read on to learn five ways renting an outhouse can benefit the environment.

1. Saving Water

One of the most universal outhouse benefits is its reduced water usage. They flush less often and use fewer pipes than traditional toilets.

Conserving this water also helps your wallet. It reduces your water bills and lowers the amount of plumbing repairs you’ll need.

2. Reducing Materials

The price of bathroom remodels has jumped 50% from $9,000 to $13,500 in the past year.

Outhouse rental costs are much lower than full bathroom remodels. This is not only because they’re often temporary but because they use fewer materials.

Cost is again not the only benefit. The lack of materials has a lower impact on the environment.

Outhouses don’t take up as much space in the environment. They only use what they need, and much of it can be recycled. What they do have can last for decades before needing to be replaced. 

3. Protecting the Health of Humans, Animals, and Vegetation

Human waste contains excess salts and toxins that can cause a long list of diseases. When it gets outside, it can leak into the soil or water supply if it’s not disposed of. 

Renting an outhouse decreases this risk for humans, plants, and animals. They help keep the entire area clean and free of disease.

This cleanliness is essential in areas where humans urinate outside. At least 58 million American households camp at least once a year. Campsites are one of the best and most popular places to put them.

Outhouses are also useful for less established sites. That includes renting them for outdoor events such as:

  • Family cookouts
  • Weddings
  • Athletic competitions
  • Home improvement projects
  • Concerts or festivals 

4. Controlling Odors

You may think that renting an outhouse may spread odors. Preventing this isn’t as difficult as you think.

Modern models use effective deodorizing products. An environmentally friendly outhouse will keep the air clear.

5. Reduced Environmental Footprint

Outhouse sustainability is easy to maintain. They’re small and easy to build and move.  

Using them reduces your environmental footprint. Outhouses have lower methane emissions than other waste disposal methods such as septic tanks or pit toilets.

One of the best-kept portable rental options is a solar-powered outhouse. They use renewable energy to power flushing mechanisms and handwashing stations. This keeps guests comfortable and clean without having to use any electricity.

Where to Start When Renting an Outhouse

Renting an outhouse is an environmentally friendly choice. It can reduce the water and materials used, prevent disease, control odors, and lower your environmental footprint.

Foothill Portables serves the Central California area. We offer a wide selection of porta-potty rentals with features to meet your needs, all of which are cleaned and disinfected. We also offer advertising to help get your business seen. Get a free estimate for one of our outhouses today.

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