For Weddings and Outdoor Events: Why You Should Consider Renting an Outhouse

renting an outhouse

You would love to host that special gathering in your backyard but don’t want people tracking through your home to use the bathroom. Maybe you’re worried about people doing the potty dance as they stand in line forever to use the facilities. Let’s not mention the mess this will create.

We’ve got the solution! Whether you’re hosting a men’s poker night, a sweet sixteen party, or an outdoor wedding, renting an outhouse for outdoor events is the way to go.

Learn about renting the best-kept portable toilets in central California here.

Renting an Outhouse for Easy Access

Guests appreciate your consideration of their needs when you provide them with clean, convenient porta-potty rentals. They aren’t searching for an inside bathroom. Paired with two hand-washing sinks that include hand soap and paper towels, guests can do a quick cleanup anytime.

One benefit of outdoor rentals is the ability to place all portable toilet units in one area or disburse them throughout the property. One porta-potty is sufficient for an event with about 50 guests. You may need more to accommodate male and female guests or for higher use if consuming food and alcohol.


Flush toilets were invented in 1596 but not used until 1851. Porta potties were developed in the 1940s. The chemicals in portable toilets kill viruses and bacteria that occur in permanent restrooms. Because outhouse rentals don’t flush, water particles containing contaminants are not spread into the air.

When hosting an outdoor event, portable toilets are more sanitary for your guests. They aren’t reusing the same bathroom hand towel, and you won’t deal with a stinky mess after the event. Let’s face it: despite target practice, some people don’t have perfect aim.

With options including toilet seat covers, foaming hand sanitizer and soap, fragrance, bug spray, and a paper towel dispenser, your guests feel refreshed and clean after using your outhouse rentals from Foothill Portables.

renting an outhouse

This Isn’t Grandma’s Outhouse

Porta-potty rentals aren’t the rickety wooden outhouses of grandma’s day. Back then, they were a small, permanent building outside the primary residence with waste going into a hole dug in the ground.

Today’s portable toilets are temporary, moveable, and far more sanitary than their ancestors. They are clean and well-maintained, with all waste contained within the unit.

For elegant events, we recommend stepping up to restroom rentals. This gives you additional benefits your guests will appreciate. Guests will enjoy porcelain toilets, plus counters with sinks and running water. A bathroom attendant ensures everything stays in good shape for your guests. 

Whatever potty rental you select is safe to use. To ensure public safety, all businesses in the portable sanitation industry must comply with equipment, waste removal, and operation standards.

Portable Toilet Rentals Near Me

Renting an outhouse is easy when you contact Foothills Portables. We offer a wide range of rental options to meet your needs and handle California events in Amador County, Arnold, Copperopolis, Cally Springs, and Murphys.

Check out our portable bathroom and toilet rental options to decide what fits your event needs, then request an online quote or call us at (209) 257-4396.

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