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Event planning requires a lot of work and strategizing about the experience everyone will have. Making these decisions can be stressful. 

This includes preparing for guests’ bathroom needs. If you are putting on an outdoor event, the last thing you want is for them to have to walk great distances or wait in long lines to use the restroom. 

This is where Foothill Portables can help. The information below covers the ins and outs of strategic porta john placement for outdoor events. Keep reading for some basic tips based on event size, space, and number of guests. 

Number of Porta Johns

An easy place to start is the sheer number of porta potties you will likely need for your event. A good jumping-off place is around one unit per 50 guests. Keep in mind that can be impacted by myriad factors. 

For instance, if your event is in warm weather, people may be inclined to hydrate more and need more bathroom breaks. Serving alcohol also can impact this dynamic. 

In general, you want to err on the side of having plenty of porta johns for everyone. For example, if you have around 100 guests, two port johns may be sufficient. However, three or four could reduce the chances of long lines and greatly elevate the experience of guests. 

Strategic Placement

Another major consideration is porta-potty placement. It is vital to think about the outdoor event floorplan, where people will mostly congregate, and the proximity to facilities. It is important to consider the potential for high-traffic areas and ease of access for everyone in attendance. 

For events with a small layout, clustering porta johns might make more sense. It creates a single location for guests to go to when they need to use the restroom. If the event is very spread out or has different locations where guests will be, placing porta johns in each of those areas may make more sense. 

Planning for Guests’ Needs

Most reputable porta-potty rental companies, like Foothill Portables, carry a variety of porta-john models with different amenities. For casual outdoor events, basic units may suffice. They can get the job done while keeping the price down. 

For more formal events, you might consider higher-end porta johns. These come with features that can create greater privacy and comfort.

Also, consider the specific physical needs of your attendees. This goes for guests with disabilities, but also elderly ones as well. Ensure that you have ADA-compliant options for anyone who may need them. 

Learn More About Foothill Portables Today

Now that you understand the importance of strategically placing porta johns at your next outdoor event, you are ready to move forward. An experienced planner can further help you determine the best location and number of porta potties based on your unique event needs. 

At Foothill Portables, we offer the highest-quality wash station and porta-potty rentals from five locations throughout central California. All of our models are clean and disinfected and come in a variety of options to fit every budget. Reach out to us today to learn more. 

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