Amenities Matter: How to Elevate Portable Toilets in Sonora, California

portable toilets

Since most people use the bathroom over seven times daily, it’s inevitable that someone will need a restroom at your event. Portable toilets give them a private space to relieve themselves so that they can stay comfortable for the duration of your function.

Here, we’re going to discuss some amenities that can upgrade your event’s restrooms for maximum comfort. Read on to learn some things you can invest in.

Get Hygenic Toilets

We’re all familiar with the feeling of entering a disgusting, dirty outhouse. It’s a terrible moment, and you don’t want people to associate your event with such an unhygienic space. Make sure that you hire a team that regularly goes into the outhouse to clean up.

Getting a solar-powered flushing toilet is a great way to upgrade your porta-potty. People won’t need to contend with odd views and smells because they’ll all go down the pipes. Plus, the toilets are made of real porcelain rather than plastic, giving the space a luxurious feel.

Use Fragrance and Bug Spray

Fragrance goes a long way when you’re trying to maintain a nice portable toilet space. All of Foothill Portables’ outhouses come with fragrance so you can keep them smelling good when new people come in.

Bug spray also comes with each of our rentals since no one wants to deal with bugs while doing their business. This spray can also help prevent bites and stings when they go back into the outdoor venue, so it’s well worth the investment.

Add Washing Sinks and Soaps

Portable toilets get a bad rap, but they actually can be extremely nice… nice enough, even, for elegant weddings. Hand sanitizer is a fine amenity at some venues like rock concerts and company picnics, but luxury events call for you to go all-out.

This means ditching the sanitizer in favor of washing sinks with soap. They’re a hygenic alternative that gives people a full restroom experience. Guests don’t need to feel like they’re in a low-tier outhouse if you don’t want them to.

Prioritize Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet seat covers also give portable toilets a nice ambiance. They cover the contents of the toilet that no one wants to see, especially if you don’t invest in a flushing option. They also make things look neat and organized while providing the feel or a real restroom.

Many California venues can benefit from outhouse rentals, and each one has different needs. Toilet seat covers can spruce up your game whether you’re at a baseball game or a family reunion.

Rent Portable Toilets in California

Now that you know how to upgrade your next event’s portable toilets, it’s time to begin the process of renting them for your next event. Foothill Portables is committed to helping those in Sonoma boost their guest’s comfort at any event. We also service events in Copperopolis, Valley Springs, Arnold, Amador County, Murphys.

We offer a wide range of portable toilet rentals with various amenities. Request an outhouse today to discuss your specific needs and get a quote ASAP.

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