5 Events That Need Porta Potty Rentals

porta potty rentals

When you’re planning any kind of event, it helps to have the right infrastructure. Portable toilets are essential for several different types of events. 

The market for portable toilets is valued at close to $17 billion, which is a sign of just how important it is to people and companies. So, which types of events warrant the rental of porta potties the most? We’re glad you asked. 

Below are some of the best reasons to invest in porta potty rentals for your upcoming event. 

1. Family Cookouts and Gatherings

Summertime is one of the best seasons for getting the family together to reminisce and strengthen your bonds. You can host large numbers of people outdoors for cookouts, kids’ birthday parties, and any other type of gathering you see fit. 

Renting an outhouse or having portable toilets lets you bring people out in droves without worrying about having them in and out of your home. It protects your plumbing infrastructure and keeps your water bills low. 

2. Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Wedding guest lists routinely feature 100 or more people. When you have this many people together for any sort of outdoor gathering, you need to get your bathroom arrangements in order. 

Portable toilets are essential if you’re planning an outdoor wedding or reception, and can help you host the event in the most convenient way possible. 

3. Athletic Events and Competitions

It’s important to support youth athletics because of the building blocks and life lessons that it provides. Holding kids’ athletic events is important for helping them develop as people while learning about teamwork, strategy, and healthy competition. 

Having portable toilets is one of the most important resources to have so that you can hold these events. Kids’ youth tournaments are huge sources of competition, tourism, and growth for areas all over the country. Having porta potties makes it easier to keep spectators and players comfortable during these events. 

4. Home Improvement Projects

When you have a home improvement project that will take several hours, a few days, or longer, you need to invest in a portable toilet rental. This allows contractors to use the restroom as they need to without having to leave the work site. 

It can help expedite the project and keep it on schedule, which also bodes well for your budget. 

5. Concerts and Festivals

Finally, you definitely need to keep people comfortable and taken care of as they attend festivals and concerts. These events are often outdoors and last several hours or entire weekends. 

Having several portable toilets available can accommodate the huge influx of people that travel from all over the country to attend. 

Book Your Porta Potty Rentals

Securing porta potty rentals will help you with several different types of events. Today’s portable toilets are durable, sophisticated, and packed with features that save water and make bathroom use more efficient. The only thing left to do is for you to find a company that can set you up with the rental that you need. 

So, how can I find portable toilet rentals near me?

Foothill Portables serves customers in the Sonora, Copperopolis, Valley Springs, Arnold, Amador County, and Murphys areas. Use our form to get a quote, or contact us by calling (209)791-5855.

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